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Cydian Rake replied to Meighan Forrer's question:

quinoa - in or out?

It is definitely not allowed.

Jan 3rd 2016
Yvon Lebras replied to Ron Chang's question:

Two Weeks In and Not Losing Any Weight

I’m no expert, but you can use cronometer.com to see how much protein you are getting in your meals exactly. It is also important to measure yourself as well. I have had weeks where I have ...

Jul 22nd 2015
Yvon Lebras replied to Bas Hamer's question:

reading fiction before bed, what light to use

I had the same thing though I read on a tablet. Instead of getting a new light, you could try out these glasses that block blue light. They look like safety glasses, but are comfortable, and I f...

Jul 22nd 2015
Julie Wickstrom replied to Mark Powell's question:

Happy to be at one year, but plateauing...

Make sure you are eating 70% plant material and 30% meat. We just jumped our vegetables up by adding some steamed cauliflower, brocoli, and carrots to meals with a nice trifecta of fish or meat, g...

Nov 19th 2014
Jeff Slostad replied to Erin Dunn's question:

Modified Slow Carb

I try to limit my cheat days to mostly just mid-day, starting maybe with a donut as I am getting ready to head out, then lunch with all the things that sound good that I have avoided all week. If...

Jun 6th 2014
Ryan Kennedy asked a question:

Insensitive family dinner

My sister in law and family are vegetarians and have invited us over for family holiday dinner. The menu is spinach lasagna and bread. She knows that I have been focusing on a SCD for months and s...

Dec 23rd 2013
wombat replied to Markus Muller's question:

Is oatmeal ok

what everyone else said, but also maybe skip it for breakfast and have it before your workout.

Nov 14th 2013
wombat replied to Tim W's question:

PAGG worked, but made me zone out?

I had that happen the first time I took PAGG. I can't remember how I solved the issue but I think it was either -Dropping the Green Tea from the stack -switching to decaf green tea pills (I get ...

Nov 14th 2013
Nov 1st 2013
Kamaria Daniel replied to Alexander's question:

SCD T-shirt

Would you make one per request? Or did you have someone make this?

Oct 25th 2013
wombat replied to Martn Zucal's question:

how to quit SCD diet?

it's an eating plan for life. once you reach your goal you can start experimenting with adding other foods, additional cheat meals etc and see what you can tolerate without putting the weight back...

Oct 22nd 2013
wombat replied to Tomhole's question:

BMI says I'm overweight

Tomhole. welcome to the forum, good thing you found the 4HB since you are clearly overweight, hopefully you can drop some pounds IMO BMI is BS

Oct 19th 2013
Oct 19th 2013
wombat replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's question:

Best Exercise to focus on

kettlebells are great for anyone. in my opinion the key to working out while on the 4HB is to keep workouts short, intense and infrequent (2-3 times a week).

Oct 15th 2013
wombat replied to Bryony Doran's question:


The four hour chef has a few liquor drinks in it. I can't remember what they are exactly but if I recall they are mostly alcohol, low sugar citrus (lemon or lime) and soda water (think it is bett...

Oct 14th 2013
wombat replied to Shannon Bennett's question:

Replacing Saltines for Nausea

I have no idea if this would work, but squash is 4HB approved (based on the 4 hour chef) seems like it might be bland enough to work?

Oct 11th 2013
wombat replied to Ann E's question:

4 weeks in SCD and no weight or measurements lost

Agree with the previous comments about nixing the beer. Vodka is ok, but cutting it out may have a positive effect. some thoughts Beans- are meant to be a filler/ help with energy. if you don't ...

Oct 11th 2013
wombat replied to Margo Bebb's question:

Drinking Water with Meals

I'd do some googling, I've heard that before and my gut (no research) reaction is that it's false. So does that mean that eating acidic foods should counteract the effect? so if you drink a glass ...

Oct 8th 2013
Oct 6th 2013
wombat replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

One year, four months in. September Update!

Holy Cow, not only do you look thinner/healthier- you look younger. Way to go Juan!

Sep 28th 2013
wombat replied to nice2bme's question:

Pea Protein tastes horrible. Suggestions?

I suggest you get Whey protein Isolate (the recommended protein in the book) and return that awful pea stuff.

Sep 25th 2013
wombat replied to hyperzx's question:

Trader Joes European Style Whole Grain Bread, yay or nay?

NAY. Eat this bread and you will see no/significantly reduced weight loss.

Sep 25th 2013
wombat replied to angelawas's question:

Can't eat another egg

First- is EAS Whey or Whey protein isolate? if it's not isolate, it's not SCD approved, if it is isolate, does it have added sugar? if so it's also a no go. That said, as far as eggs- are you jus...

Sep 25th 2013
wombat replied to Dave Radomski's question:

Egg Beaters vs. egg whites

don't know. Eat whole eggs, better for you, cheaper, more weight loss. I eat 4 Jumbo Eggs a day, love it, lose weight.

Sep 17th 2013
wombat replied to Tomhole's question:

Importance of sleep

Sleep is definitely a big factor in weight loss (or maybe lack of sleep is a huge factor in lack of weight loss). I think it should added to the "diet and exercise" phrase so it's Diet,...

Sep 17th 2013
wombat replied to Jorge Quintero's question:

Has anyone had Cheat WEEKENDS?

I'd evaluate when you really want to cheat and plan cheat meals based on that. When I am in maintenance mode I sometimes do a Friday night to Saturday night cheat followed by a sunday morning/afte...

Sep 17th 2013
wombat replied to Todddzillla Gilbert's question:

Does fiber blunt whey protein insulin spikes?

Whey is not SCD compliant, Whey protein isolate is, start by using that. My suggestion- use unflavored WPI, mix it with cinnamon, cardamom a little vanilla a dash of stevia and some ground flax-...

Sep 17th 2013
Irene Voskamp commented on Jake's reply:

Sorry for the delay in responding, and thanks everyone for the encouragement. Been drinking a 30g-protein 90-calorie whey-protein drink first th...

Sep 10th 2013
Irene Voskamp asked a question:

First week - no change?

Hi, New here, trying 4HB for the first time. So far five days in I've been following the diet rigorously but have lost nothing at all. Suggestions?

Sep 6th 2013
Michelle Bequette replied to Abulonna's question:

The ice-age topic

I just got an ice pack meant for the neck and shoulders. It's a lot more comfortable and stays in place better than a regular ice pack. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MRGMJO/ref=oh_details_o...

Sep 2nd 2013
wombat replied to Eva Clare's question:

all 30 grams within 30 minutes?

Maybe off topic, but eating whole eggs will help your weight loss more than doing egg whites.

Aug 30th 2013
Aug 30th 2013
Michelle Bequette replied to KimCo's question:

Women Please Post Sample Meals

My favorites: Breakfast: 1 egg, 1/3 c egg whites, onions and spinach sautéed in ghee, about 1/3 c. lentils or black beans I was eating more, but I couldn't choke it all down. This is plenty. Lu...

Aug 30th 2013

Hmm. I wonder if i'm getting too much fat. I sauté onions and spinach for my eggs in ghee, and have been tossing all my lentils and veggies in ol...

Aug 28th 2013
Michelle Bequette replied to jmacleod's question:

Good Lentil Recipes???

I boil and drain them, then toss them with grilled veggies, parsley, olive oil, and mint.

Aug 25th 2013

What's the best way for everyone to communicate? Here? Email? Ryan and I have been emailing if you want to join us- mailto:michelle@olypen.com

Aug 23rd 2013
Michelle Bequette replied to OntheWagon's question:

PAGG timing, SCD & Workouts, and Gas - OH MY!

Have you tried chewing fennel? It's gross if you hate licorice-y things like I do, but it's magic. Try it just after your meals.

Aug 23rd 2013

My amalgam is mostly additive- I'm also taking some ayurvedic supplements for digestive health, and my cheat days will be gluten free (boo!)

Aug 23rd 2013

We should definitely connect. I'll shoot you an email.

Aug 22nd 2013

Ooh, sounds hot. Let's do it.

Aug 22nd 2013
Aug 22nd 2013

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