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Thanks, that's good to hear. I was planning on doing just that (just eating as if I'm not on a diet) but I was worried that it might not be enough...

Oct 27th 2012
Alon Tako asked a question:

Second cheat day just ended, I feel horrible.

So I'm done with my second cheat day. Today went something like this: Breakfast within 30 mins: 3 boiled eggs, half a cup of black beans, glass of water with squeezed lemon. 1-2 hours later: pa...

Oct 27th 2012
Alon Tako commented on Brenda 7's reply:

I took measurements, no fat percentage. I don't have the tools. I measure weight and measurements. It's odd for me that people have different co...

Oct 26th 2012

I guess I have to wait and see. There are different answers everywhere, and past experience says fats are something I should be careful with...

Oct 26th 2012

In the past I did different diets, a couple of them were based on eating only veggies, meats and healthy fats. I ate a lot of fats in place of car...

Oct 26th 2012
Alon Tako asked a question:

Oils and fats, what are the rules?

Hey everyone, Before going into the "oils and fats" question, I'd like to give a little detail about myself up to now if that's ok... I started the diet 2 weeks ago (tomorrow is my sec...

Oct 25th 2012

That specific recipe requires you to use this much lemon - but it's spread all over an entire chicken, which you would finish in 3-4 meals or more...

Oct 21st 2012

Thanks that's a relief. While I'm at it - I love spicing up my food with squeezed lemon juice. I know that some people drink water with squeezed...

Oct 21st 2012
Oct 21st 2012
Alon Tako asked a question:

Zucchini not allowed?

It's my second week now. I ate a zucchini next to a steak last week, and it was awesome. Today I ate some steamed zucchini together with chicken breast, which was also great. I got suspicious bec...

Oct 21st 2012

I'll have to try out stuff as time goes by I guess. It says that the diet would work with a couple of cups of wine, so that means there's a bit of...

Oct 18th 2012

Thanks Stephane So from what I understand now, if I don't intend to go on an organized training schedule for building muscle, I shouldn't consid...

Oct 18th 2012
Oct 18th 2012
Alon Tako replied to eighdrose's question:

i'm 500 pounds, day 45 on diet and 0 weight change

I noticed 2 things I might put an eye on if I were in your situation. 1. You are eating a ton of fat. It might not be much when you judge each meal separately, which is arguable by the way, but s...

Oct 17th 2012
Alon Tako asked a question:

Post-workout starchy food

Hey everyone, I started SCD a few days ago, coming up to my first cheat-day the day after tomorrow. I've had a low-sugar headache today, I know how to recognize those because of past diets I've ...

Oct 17th 2012
shai replied to 4hBod's question:

How long does it take you to lose the cheat day weight

For me it usually takes between 2 to 3 days. I tried to extend the time between cheat days for a couple of times (8 to 10 days apart), on those days I gained the most and it took longer to lose th...

Dec 14th 2011
shai blogged:

Vacation from SCD

After 200 days of SCD, 24 pounds less and 3 inches of my waist, I am taking a 10 days vacation from SCD. I am actually going for a vacation in a couple of days. The thing is that during the vacati...

Nov 16th 2011
shai replied to lauraareson's question:

never again

From some reading I have done, the way I understand it is that if you are restricting calories for a long time you are likely to gain more when you eat a lot or even normal. I read in several plac...

Nov 12th 2011
shai replied to dianne978's question:

Legume Debate...

In the presentation and Q&A in this link (part 5) Tim answer a question about bean. He says "you don't have to inclu...

Nov 11th 2011
shai replied to Cloakraider's question:

How can I lose the most weight?

Congratulations on your progress so far. I think you should replace some of the beans with green vegetables. Especially for dinner. I read in several places that it is best to consume crabs from m...

Nov 10th 2011
shai replied to 4hourVic's blog post:

Will power wins over!

Keep up the good work. I have the same problem, I prepare pasta ,desserts and other goodies for the children and then put some beans on my plate... Over time, the food is not that tempting anymore...

Nov 9th 2011
shai replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

Protein...what to believe??

That's interesting. The amount of protein the teacher claims vegetables have is far higher from what I saw anywhere else. Lentils protein value is the only one which comes close to what is wide sp...

Nov 7th 2011

Yes, this is what I did. Apart from shorter period, everything else is by the book

Oct 24th 2011
shai blogged:

My tweak for cheat day

Since I started SCD, about 6 months ago, I have been struggling with high weight gain after cheat day. It almost always was above 4 pounds gain the day after. Usually, I would get back to my pre-c...

Oct 24th 2011
shai replied to Sondre's question:

Cardio on SDC?

Actually, I have seen similar exercise program targeted for fat loss. As far as I understand, low intensity cardio is the type of exercise that does not help much in fat loss. What you are descri...

Oct 17th 2011
shai replied to jitkajulie's blog post:

Hidden flavors...

I am as weird as you are . There are a lot of sweet foods that I cannot eat anymore since they are too sweet.

Sep 27th 2011
shai replied to guestnurse's question:

can I skip my cheat day?

I also, have a problem with gaining lots of weight on cheat day. It takes me 3 to 4 days to return to the pre-cheat day weight. A couple of times I tried to do a "moderate" cheat day. O...

Sep 25th 2011
shai replied to Vtine311's blog post:

Major sugar withdrawals due to boredom...

I usually take 3 or 4 almonds or nuts along with some green tea. Also, when possible, I go for a short walk to get my mind off food.

Sep 22nd 2011
shai commented on JoyMc's reply:

I am on SCD diet for almost for month now and practically tripled my egg consumption during that time. Last week I took a blood test and cholester...

Sep 18th 2011
shai blogged:

Hello everyone

Hi, I am 45 years old male. I am on the 4hb slow carb diet for 3 month now. Started at 204lbs and 28% fat and now at 188lbs and 25% fat. In the last 3 or for week I am stable at around the same...

Sep 6th 2011

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