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Caren Jackson asked a question:

Need a support system, really going for gold this time

I haven't been on for about a year. I was going through a pretty rough time and just gave up. I recently got tired of it all and started the 4hb full force this time. Not only did I follow it to a...

Jan 22nd 2014
Caren Jackson replied to sbrown's question:

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I love Home made backed macaroni & cheese. Last week for my cheat dinner I wanted something salty, sweet, savory and carby. So I looked up some different recipes than my usual one for macaroni...

Jan 15th 2013

eww bacon sandwhich with Ketchup I cant even picture it

Jan 15th 2013
Caren Jackson replied to Moon Wong's question:

Body Physiques - The different types

I actually found this post very interesting and I would love to hear others feedback. When I started SCD I found that I felt bloated and very full all day when I added the beans to my breakfast an...

Jan 7th 2013
Caren Jackson replied to Senshin's question:

Post holiday check in! How'd you do?

I was going to post the same question. I didn't do that great over the Holidays. I definetley ate and cheated way too much. I think I gained about 7 pounds, Yuck. Not only did I gain weight but ...

Jan 7th 2013

I love the idea and I commend you both for wanting to create a supportive environment for other people to find a partner and have that support sys...

Dec 12th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to MaryC's question:

Breakfast is breaking my spirit! Help

I had this problem in the begining too and it killed me because I couldn't eat the rest of the day so I would find myself breaking the SCD late at night and I gained more weight. I solved it by ma...

Nov 14th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Katie Jester's question:

For women, I think I need help. Period questions.

I have the same problem at that time of the month. I get really bloated 2 days before and I stay bloated until 2 days after. so it's about 11 days of the month that I am bloated for which sucks tr...

Oct 16th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Nader Tohamy's question:

Eating late?

I have inssomnia so I have the same hours as you. I find the eating schedule difficult as well.

Sep 2nd 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Week 72 results - GOAL REACHED!! YEAH BABY! YEAH!! BOOM!

I am so happy you posted this because it gives me a lot of inspiration and I def needed some. Congratulations !!!!!!!! You kicked butt!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 1st 2012

Thanks so much I do plan on buying a decent amount of seafood when I go shopping tomorrow. I have had a hate relationsip with chicken since I was ...

Sep 1st 2012
Caren Jackson asked a question:

Need some support and starting over

I'm in dire need of support right now because I am very frustrated. I was always thin and never gained weight other than my pregnancies. 6 months ago I was 115 pounds. I didn't eat very well back ...

Sep 1st 2012

supposed to only have 2 glasses of red wine 3 times a weel but I have 3 glasses of blush wine a night

Aug 24th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Angela Polite Dokey's question:

Any advice for a newbie?

I have the same problem as you, I love my wine and it is hindering my progress alot

Aug 23rd 2012
Caren Jackson asked a question:

Fat Intake Question

I know we are supposed to be getting out fats in as with with butter, lard and certain oils so that our body can use it as a fuel source. What is the minimum to maximum amount you think someone th...

Aug 18th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Brittney Kyle's question:

Feeling weird toward the end of each week

What are you eating on your cheat days? It could be withdrawl from sweets or carbs. I also get a funny feeling towards cheat day and I crave carbs like no other. I also start to sweat lightly and...

Aug 18th 2012

I can have 3 tops any more than that and I start to hate eggs

Aug 13th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Jennifer Brenner's question:

Too much exercise? Hypoglycemia?

I had the same exact problem when I first started SCD I am Hypoglycemis as well and my first week was the hardest to get through. I had horrible Hypoglycemic sysmptoms. I was cranky, felt foggy, h...

Aug 11th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to skinnymouse's blog post:

Day 2 Food Log

Xandra I had a hard time with the breakfast too. I simply can not eat 5 eggs, the thought of it sickens me. So I tried many different things to try and get that 30 g of protein in the morning when...

Aug 11th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Brittney Kyle's tip:

This is not a question nor a tip

I wish also that there was a way to jus tchat or show without posting a tip or question. Especially on days when I'm struggling and need a little extra support. Congratulations on your continued s...

Aug 10th 2012

the homewrecker !!!!!!!!! I love the homewrecker. I haven't been to a Moe's in a loong time... Congrtas on the 40 lb loss I would also take justin...

Aug 9th 2012

Thank You so much for clearing that up, I will have to check to see if there is a costco around here

Aug 9th 2012

Yea I am having a hard time with loved ones accepting it too. All I hear is 1 piece wont hurt, but it does and I have felt the effects anytime I d...

Aug 9th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Senshin's question:

Sick and sticking to slow carb

That must be terrrible I am sorry ou aren't feeling well and I hope you get well soon. I think it is good to think about things ahead of time. I ran into a situation today where I had a flat tir...

Aug 8th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to rafaeld's question:

Slow-carb foods allowed / not allowed

I am having a very hard time trying to find grass fed meat that is in my price range. Can I still loose enough weight without the grass fed?

Aug 8th 2012
Caren Jackson commented on A W's reply:

Question about the tuna, I love tuna but i haven't been eating it on SCD because of the amount of sodium

Aug 8th 2012

Currently it is too hott to use my oven we only grill right now because we have an old house and when you run the oven the heat just stays lurking...

Aug 8th 2012
Caren Jackson asked a question:

What is your biggest struggle on SCD?

I figured maybe we can all post our biggest struggles and see if we can get some answers that may help us and others struggling with the same issue? My biggest struggle is getting my 30g of prote...

Aug 8th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Stacey Tite's question:

I'm a sugarholic!!!

I was a never a big sweets person but I started this diet because I knew I was addicted to carbs big time. I don't know how it happened because 4 months ago I never ate that much as you can tell f...

Aug 7th 2012
Caren Jackson asked a question:

Update after adjusting diet not as tired

I posted last week that I was extremely exhausted and my hypoglycemia was kicking me in the butt. I should also point out I am epeleptic so I have to be very carefull about stimulants and low suga...

Aug 7th 2012

That was me 5 months ago I gained 35 pounds since

Aug 6th 2012
Caren Jackson replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Week 68 Results - Yes, Akane, Exercising DOES make a DIFFERENCE!

That's awsome! Congrats! It gives me as a newbie some hope that this will def work. Keep it up!

Aug 5th 2012

Thats good to know because I am a salt junky, though on the SDC I have been limiting my salt intake by a lot, and I never drank water, I was more ...

Aug 5th 2012

Thank You guys so much for the tips. This morning i did 3 eggs 1 sausage and 1\4 cup of beans. I still feel full but I was able to get it down. I ...

Aug 5th 2012

I am drinking 2L of water a day because after breakfast and lunch I am so uncomfortably full that its hard to even drink water. I feel so bloated....

Aug 4th 2012
Caren Jackson asked a question:

I'm exhausted need a little advice

I started this diet and I feel sooo tired. So I counted the calories, yes I know he says don't worry about calories but my total caloric intake today so far was only 600. Here is what I ate Brea...

Aug 4th 2012

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