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joeburchett2 replied to TimsSchuurman's question:

First Cheat day coming up

I have found that after 1 cheat MEAL I am ready to go back to my new style of advice (from my experience) is to NOT go crazy on cheat day. I feel bloated, low energy, and even nauseou...

Apr 19th 2012
joeburchett2 replied to MaryC's question:

Planks...for how long?

When I started, I could only do about 25-30 seconds (planks and side planks). I am now up to about 3 minutes per...there are additional moves to plank to increase the intensity once you get to th...

Apr 18th 2012

HAHA! I just saw the date of this's April, alright! April 2012! Duh!

Apr 18th 2012

Also, don't worry about building muscle. Muscle burns far more calories than fat even just sitting on the couch, so muscle is good! You aren't g...

Apr 18th 2012
joeburchett2 replied to mandafigs's question:

Daily Calorie Intake and Activity Level

Here is what I do and have done in the past with great success. I determine what my caloric intake should be WITHOUT exercise to lose weight...(you can determine this at a million different websi...

Apr 18th 2012

PS: Personally (for ME) the 6 meals per day is easier to control PORTION size, which is my biggest weakness. If I actually wait until I am VERY ...

Apr 18th 2012

There is no consensus on the metabolic change with meal frequency. What really matters is...what fits you and your lifestyle best? Either way, 3...

Apr 18th 2012
joeburchett2 commented on MaryC's reply:

I have tried it (1 - 2 meals/day) and while it is true that counting calories can be easier this way, portion control can be HARDER. I find that i...

Apr 18th 2012

Good..I'm glad you may have it figured often and what time of day do you weigh in?

Apr 16th 2012
joeburchett2 commented on Jake's reply:

Hey thanks for adding me! Yes, my wife and I are doing this as a team! She's great!

Apr 16th 2012
joeburchett2 replied to dawnchandler's question:

I am not loosing weight...why????

I would recommend having a cheat MEAL...not a cheat day, until you start making progress. Also, are you getting exercise?

Apr 13th 2012
joeburchett2 replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

freakin out

I don't mean to be "uncouth" but my wife experiences this once a month. Water retention due to menstrual cycle. This may not be the case with you, but if it is, don't worry about it, i...

Apr 13th 2012
joeburchett2 blogged:


Working toward maximum fitness with my wife. I am 43 yo and father of 3 beautiful girls!

Apr 13th 2012

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