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Jul 26th 2011
Jul 26th 2011
Trust1 replied to shane's question:

How to last longer!

doesn't that technique kind of defeat the purpose of sex. i relize maybe it allows you to a little longer but whats the point if you aren't fully engaged in the feelings... you would be much bett...

Jul 26th 2011
Trust1 replied to Stephen's question:

Questions about the 15 minute female orgasm for Nicole Daedone and OneTaste

Joiedevivre- i'm not a female. however I know that meditative type practices can increase sensation over time. sensation is not purely a physical thing where you are limited because you have few...

Jul 26th 2011
Trust1 blogged:

Member intro: implementations

Looking to be part of the experiment.

Jul 26th 2011

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