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Finn commented on Finn's reply:

Hi, I thought I'd let you know I received my bodyquick order from the bodybuilding website ( You can get it from there just mak...

Aug 18th 2011

This is good advice, I will try this. Finding I am having 2 cheat days sometimes because of leftover food from the Saturday....too tempting!

Aug 10th 2011
Finn replied to alexlarge's question:

Chromium Polynicotinate & Bodyquick

Hi, I am interested to hear feedback regarding Chromium Plus. I am also struggling to get BodyQuick.....I ordered it from the bodybuilding website and have been waiting well over a month now for i...

Aug 10th 2011
Finn replied to ob141's question:

SCD combined with Occam's

Hi, I am currently on my second week doing a combination of G2F & Occams. I had previously done 6 weeks of SCD and I have already seen results changing the format of eating & training. You...

Jul 26th 2011
Finn replied to Agent.Luv's question:

Psychological Benefits of "Free Day"

I am glad I read this post......thank you for putting it up. Every now and then I "cheat" during the week and have a little chocolate or bread and wonder why I'm doing this even though ...

Jul 15th 2011
Jul 14th 2011
Finn commented on justin's reply:

This is very helpful. I see that Occam's and G2F sort of go together. I looked at LauraCox G2F cheat sheet which is awesome. When I add the brown...

Jul 13th 2011
Jul 13th 2011
Finn replied to LauraCox's question:

Geek to Freak Cheat Sheet

Hi Laura, this is extremely helpful. Just what I was looking for, so excited to start G2F!! Thank you...

Jul 13th 2011
Finn asked a question:

Gaining muscle & diet.....LOMAD?

Have I read this correctly? G2F seems to be missing detailed reference to diet. My interpretation is that I can keep doing Slow Carb Diet and simply introduce LOMAD (Litre Of Milk A Day) and I wil...

Jul 13th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
Finn commented on justin's reply:

I agree with Justin's answer, I recently bought Bodyquick from and they ship worldwide.

Jul 11th 2011
Finn commented on yarnphreak's reply:

Thanks for your feedback. I will try and be patient, I have made such huge changes in my diet you would think my body will start to show it soon. ...

Jul 6th 2011
Finn commented on Not4Hour's reply:

Hi, my weight is 60.4 kgs, 19% body fat, Mid bicep 29cm, Upper arm 28.7cm, Waist 74cm, Below Navel 77cm and Hips 90cm. I don't dead lift weights b...

Jul 6th 2011
Finn asked a question:

What do I do next? Muscle Gain & definition!!

I weigh 60kgs and have been doing SCD for 4 weeks now. I don't have much weight to lose, I want to focus on gaining muscle and definition. I have lost inches of my measurements every week however ...

Jul 5th 2011
Finn commented on elquent's reply:

Sounds like good advice, thank you.

Jul 4th 2011
Finn replied to s joshua's question:

Nick Tahou's Hots: The Home of the Garbage Plate (with yum pics!)

This reminds me of Epic Meal Time!! I don't feel so bad about my cheat day now....looking at your pics, I don't think I'm eating enough haha! Well done.

Jul 1st 2011
Finn replied to lyndadianemorrow's question:

i'm on day 6...

I have had 3 cheat days now & on all I over ate to the point where I make myself sick. I agree with Minnesota, I think I want all these foods that I'm "missing out" on but my body ca...

Jul 1st 2011

Corn is a no? I've been eating heaps of corn, I had no idea. Do you know why corn is a no at all?

Jun 29th 2011
Finn commented on Stevo's reply:

This is excellent advice....thank you so much & just in time too I was going on my supplement shopping spree this weekend!!

Jun 28th 2011
Jun 27th 2011
Jun 27th 2011
Finn commented on JasonSani's reply:

I made these pancakes last night & they are delicious!! Really impressed with this recipe, I will definitely make them on a regular

Jun 27th 2011
Jun 25th 2011
Finn replied to Mrs H's question:

Anyone found a good supplier of PAGG in Australia?

Hi, I'm an Aussie too & would love to know an easy solution to this! This is what I've found, hope it's helpful... Chemist Warehouse has: Herron Garlic 3000 Capsuels 200 for $7.69, Swisse U...

Jun 25th 2011
Finn replied to andriesdancer's question:

Eating every 3-4 hours?

Hi, Tim recommended eating every 4 hours and your first meal of the day breakfast starts no more than 30mins of waking up. This is covered in the SCD section. Hope this helps.

Jun 22nd 2011
Finn replied to OneLifeStand's question:

'Gastric Emptying' on Cheat Day

Dark chocolate helps too....

Jun 22nd 2011
Finn commented on Not4Hour's reply:

Hi, yeah I thought so. I have used it since and all good now. I am using it because the Tim recommends it in G2F...slowly introducing supplements....

Jun 22nd 2011
Finn asked a question:

Side Effects of no-xplode

Hi, I have been on the Slow Carb Diet for two weeks now & I am a little wary about introducing supplements. So I'm slowly introducing them to see what effects they have on my training and body...

Jun 21st 2011

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