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lrobins commented on Minnesota's reply:

Thanks so much!! How long have you been on the SCD? Any great advice for beginners? I am on day 2 and feel pretty good. I usually drink one Ce...

Mar 13th 2012
lrobins blogged:

Member intro: Lululexie

I'm a mother of 5 fabulous boys and had my 5th at 45 so I'm struggling to lose 30 + pounds. I'm hoping this slow carb diet does the trick. Started today 3/12/12!!!

Mar 13th 2012
RTPinkninja commented on wombat's reply:

Thanks for responding! Whey protein isolate, soy lechitin, natural vanilla flavor--NO Sugar...

Sep 15th 2011
RTPinkninja asked a question:

Poliquin supplements

I contact Kickbox 3-4 times a week and weight train (German Weight Train) two times a week. I normally have a Poliqin protein shake with BCAAs and L glutamine mixed with Water after I box or train...

Sep 14th 2011
RTPinkninja commented on justin's reply:

Thanks Justin! I'm way over 20 so I'll stick with SCD meal.

Sep 11th 2011
RTPinkninja blogged:

Member intro: RTpinkninja

I'm an overweight and athletic (contradiction I know) lady looking to lose 40 lbs! Training for my first Golden Glove!

Sep 11th 2011
RTPinkninja asked a question:

What to eat after contact kickboxing class?

I kickbox with bags/mitts and a trainer 4-5 days a week. What's the best meal after this high intensity workout?

Sep 11th 2011

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