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Jeff Yager replied to Caren Jackson's question:

Need some support and starting over

Another substitute for chicken would be pork. I've been eating "boneless country style pork ribs" with my eggs at breakfast. They are a lean cut of pork, and usually fairly cheap. Defin...

Sep 3rd 2012
Jeff Yager asked a question:

Measurements saving me

Hey everyone- I'm about 1-2 weeks in. The first week I was doing a semi-SCD because I kept cheese and a few other things because I didn't read carefully enough. But I've been doing it pretty much...

Aug 28th 2012
Jeff Yager shared a tip:

Ron Swanson Diet

I was trying to explain to a friend this new fangled diet that I'm trying and his response: "That sounds like the Ron Swanson Diet" Loved it. That's now how I'm describing it to everyo...

Aug 25th 2012
Jeff Yager asked a question:

Body calipers

Okay, I'm really big on numbers, so I'm looking for every reasonable means of gathering data on my body right now. I already am taking body measurements with a tape measure, bathroom scale, and my...

Aug 22nd 2012
Jeff Yager replied to Merry Popkins's question:

Headache + feverish + nauseous ... Day one. Help.

My stomach DID NOT like me the first week. It felt like I had a knot there all week. Then came the glorious cheat day. I think I heard cheers coming from my entire body when I ate a Wendy's fast f...

Aug 22nd 2012
Jeff Yager asked a question:

Ideal calorie distribution?

I started the slow carb diet last week. So far I feel really good. It took my stomach a little while to get used to the major change in things to digest, but that's mostly gone away. I really noti...

Aug 21st 2012
tom blogged:

Member intro: I'm a tech guy from the midwest

I'm a web developer from the midwest looking to get in shape and liked the idea of hacking my body as Tim suggests. I liked the 4 hour work week so well - I decided to check this out too.

Sep 9th 2011

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